Ahhh January!  A month of overflowing hope and all too familiar let-down all packed into 31 days.  How can it be that just over three weeks ago the year looked like it would be your best yet, and today you’re wondering what happened to all of those January 1 aspirations?

Are you reading and thinking “Why such a kill-joy Michelle?”  Well, I hope I’m wrong but since most people who make resolutions fail to create a plan for success, I bet I’m not far off track.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that this year has only just begun and there is still loads of time for you to climb toward an abundant, fulfilling and healthy 2011.  I’m excited about the possibilities!

First off I want to remind you about an event I’m co-hosting in a week and a half: The Midlife Makeover for Women. This is a day-long event at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in Calgary and it promises to inject you with a good dose of spirit, sass and style that will help you re-align for a great year.  Grab your girls and make a day of it.  For information and registration go to www.midlifemakeoverevent.ca … Don’t delay, it’s only 12 days away.

Secondly, I want to share an experience I had this past weekend that puts me in a great position to guide your on your success path in new and better ways.

Coach YOU

As a health and fitness expert, educator and speaker, I have coached clients for many, many years on ways to get fit, feel more energized and get more out of life.  Lately though, I’ve felt like a part of that puzzle has been missing for me.  I wasn’t jazzed about connecting with clients one-on-one because it felt like too much work for me.  I wasn’t sure I had the right resources or methods to help you the way I truly wanted to, so I lost energy for that part of my services.  As a helping professional that felt like failure.

This past weekend something changed for me in that regard.  I took a three-day course through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) on my way to certification as a Co-Active Life Coach and my eyes have been opened up to the kind of coaching that will re-inject the ‘passion factor’ into my coaching and catapult your results to new highs!

Co-what Coaching? Co-Active coaching is a coaching relationship that puts the client at the heart of their own growth process.  Well, that just makes sense to me!  You know what you want out of your life don’t you?  I bet that deep down you know what’s holding you back too.  The last thing you need as an intelligent, driven adult is someone telling you how to create your best life.  No one likes to be told what to do.

Maybe deep down I’m a bit lazy, but honestly I think the reason why Co-Active coaching appeals to me so much is because it aligns with my belief that every person on this planet has within them – right this instant – the skills, capabilities and drive to get whatever they want out of their lives.  We’re all ‘great-life’ powerhouses if we simply choose to be.

Co-Active coaching operates on the belief that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole – completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.  It’s in you.

My job as a Co-Active Coach then is not to offer suggestions or tell you what to do.  It’s to ask you powerful questions, listen and empower you to exploit the skills and creativity you know are already in you.  No instructing, no advising, no kidding.  What a relief?!

Let me tell you, the process is pretty darn cool.

So … what do you really want for yourself in 2011?

When the clocks strike midnight on December 31st what great achievement will you be toasting yourself for having accomplished?  Instead of reading this and thinking “I could never…” why not take a step toward “What if I COULD?”

You can. In fact, let’s help each other.  If you think the Co-Active Coaching experience could be what you need to push yourself to news heights personally and professionally then send me an email.  I will tell you more about Co-Active coaching and I’ll even give you a free sample sessionSo you’ve got nothing to lose.

I’m ready to coach you now and I’m excited to get started.

And hey, I may be new to the Co-Active model but I’m no rookie.  I’m stacking these wonderful tools and resources onto over 20 years of helping people reach their goals so we’ll be getting places fast.

You gain valuable coaching at a wonderfully affordable pre-certification rate and I gain experience with the Co-Active Coaching model as I work toward full certification.

Yes, I’m eager.  I get to do something new and creative in my work and once again get excited about helping people one-on-one.  Maybe that’s you?

2011 is your year. It’s mine too.  Email me now so we can go on this ride together.

Michelle Cederberg –  Co-Active Life Coach

CSP (Canada’s newest Certified Speaking Professional)
MKin, BA Psyc, CEP

Helping people with full schedules and a long list of responsibilities maximize their personal energy so they can optimize their productivity and growth!

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