“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

When life gets busy, do you drop your exercise routine, or adapt it to your schedule? I’m a fit-it-in-no-matter-what kind of gal, but lately it’s proven more difficult to find time for fitness during the day… and that just won’t do.

So, as part of my September reset, I’ve added in first-thing fitness a couple of days each week, to free up my day-time hours for work-related stuff. I’d forgotten how great it feels to have your workout done and dusted before 9am, so I thought I’d share a few of the beautiful benefits of a.m. exercise… especially if you do it outdoors.

Are you a morning mover? What do you love about it? Let me know. And if you’re not, but want to be, watch the video below (or read the blog), and give it a go. You may just learn to love it.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here out for a morning mountain bike on one of those days where, if I didn’t do it now, it was not going to happen. I’m sure that you have days like that. And many of us won’t consider the benefits of getting up just a bit earlier, and getting out the door to get that exercise in. So let’s talk about why a.m. exercise is a good thing to do.

First of all, it is a wonderful thing to be out without the throngs of people that are normally sharing parks and pathways.

Plus, I’m out just as the sun is reaching its higher point, so I’m starting to feel the warmth. The beauty of that, in and of itself is worth the extra effort of getting up early and getting out the door when it’s still chilly out.

Also, we’re in the last couple weeks of warm weather (heck it could be the last couple days), so I wanted to take advantage of that and just feel the beauty of A.M. exercise. I’ll be back in my office before 9:30, feeling good because I got my exercise in.

If you’re busy, you do have to wrap your head around the idea of getting up a bit earlier, prepping your clothing the night before, having a light breakfast, and doing all those things that might feel like a little bit of a nuisance. However, I’ll tell you right now, it is 100% worth it once you’re out moving and breathing in fresh air …and definitely once you’re done.

I always say that exercise is so good because it feels so good when you STOP. If you don’t know that feeling, then I challenge you to see for yourself.

Your exercise choice doesn’t have to be a mountain bike ride on single track in Calgary. It can be a walk, it can be a run, or it can be a slower bike ride on the pathways. Do whatever it is that will get your heart rate up, get you breathing a little heavier, and make you feel good about the fact that you’re taking care of your health on a busy day, especially when it might not otherwise have happened.

And here’s the final tip I’m going to throw at you. Try not to make it about long lengths of exercise time. It doesn’t have to be 45 minutes, it doesn’t have to be an hour, it doesn’t have to be about going big. Go for 10 minutes, go for 15, go for 20. Do what you need to do to feel good about yourself and your health amidst a busy schedule.

I’m Michelle Cederberg, reminding you we’ve got one chance to so this life, I say Dare to Live It Big, and dare to, and dare to feel the discomfort of early mornings, and getting out the door for exercise before your body is fully awake. (I’m telling you, that second cup of coffee is going to taste mighty fine.)

And one more thing, let’s be clear, this is not something I do every single morning. It might be one time a week, it might be twice a week, it might be twice a month. So check your schedule, figure out when your morning workouts can work for you, then get out and enjoy a great start to the day. Come on! Look at those views! Life is good.

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