“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.”

~ Anita Krizzen

It’s been a long winter, even though it’s actually spring. Anyone else feeling it? These last few weeks have felt a bit BLAH to me, with cold weather and the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, and I admit, I’ve been dragging my butt a bit.

I haven’t done a new video for awhile, partly because of my energy drag, but partly because I’m trying to get clear on what I want to share with you all. The world is a strange, challenging place right now. Sure, things are slowly opening up and we’re heading toward a post-pandemic reality (fingers crossed), and my in-person presentations are picking up (which I LOVE), and so many people I talk to are back in the office, and getting back to ‘normal’ routines…

And, while that’s all good, we’ve just come out of two long years of ‘other’ so this shift back to ‘normal’ may feel a bit… well…abnormal. And tiring. Change will do that to a person.

As I process all of it, there’s one thing I can always rely on to help me recalibrate. A bit less sofa and a bit more movement, preferably outside.

Watch the video below and then read the blog that follows (different content). There is no transcript for this one because the video is too fun NOT to watch (you’ve got time). It’s captioned (and only 2.5 minutes), so watch, laugh and share, then plan your break-up speech and get on with those grand plans!

The one certainty that has guided me through the highs and lows of the last two years is that movement is magical for mental health. Walking and biking got me through the stress and uncertainty of pandemic-restricted living. At times I was doing less than my normal, but I still prioritized daily movement of some sort (my dog Islay definitely helped).

For many, especially at the start of it, the pandemic increased people’s stress and lowered their physical activity. Some people managed to eventually find new routines, and reap the many benefits of physical activity for mental and emotional health (not to mention that waist-line). And now, as we come out of winter and regain our pre-pandemic freedom, maybe it’s time to think about ways to take advantage of (eventual) warmer weather, to establish even better health?

Admittedly, as Spring temperatures plummet here in Alberta, Canada I’m drawn toward my fuzzy blanket and the sofa, so I thought the above video would be a good reminder for all of us to create some new routines.

Spring is the perfect time for a health recharge, an energy reboot; to set aside the sofa habit and shake things up a bit. What could that look like for you?

1. Choose more time outside, breathing in Mother Nature.
Take a walk on your work breaks. Heck, TAKE your work breaks. Plan some fun evening activities with your family after dinner. Show your bicycle some love and explore your neighborhood. Explore the parks and pathways in your city. Outside is best so you can benefit from fresh air and sunshine.

2. Try something new for your health.
Check out a gym near your place of work (yes, they’re open again), and sign up for a class or two to stay accountable. Add morning meditation to your schedule. Even 10 minutes can make a difference for your focus and energy. Use an App like Headspace, Insight Timer or Calm, to guide you if you’re new. Get a health assessment to establish your health needs. Check if your EAP offers such services, or talk to your family doctor.

3. Check in with yourself to determine what’s important for you right now.
A lot has changed over the last two years. The goals you had for yourself at the start of the pandemic may not resonate with you today. Give some thought to what you need with health, relationships, work, leisure and even with finances. Use this quick and simple assessment tool as a guide: Wheel of Life michellecederberg.com

Also, sign up for my free 6 Day Work-Life Reset. You’ll get a short email every morning for 6 days, each with thought-provoking information and exercises to help you get clear about what is important for you as we head toward a post-pandemic reality.

4. Plan a half or full-day workshop for your organization.
Remember how hard it was to start working from home 2 years ago? There was a lot to adapt to. Well, with pandemic restrictions easing, many have left the comfort of work-from-home and are now experiencing a similar discomfort coming back to the office they once knew so well. Don’t assume it will be an easy transition for everyone, and know that it will impact their focus and productivity.

To ensure you reintegrate well, and to reestablish what success looks like for you in this new world of work, your team may benefit from one of my Success-Energy Reset presentations. They’re fun and interactive, and will set you up for success in ways you might find surprising! To learn more about these engaging sessions, or if you have questions, please connect  me at hello@michellecederberg.com!

Whatever you choose to do to add some spring to your Spring, don’t let the sofa take part. It’s had enough of your attention over the winter.

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc


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