It’s Sunday evening and my sister and girlfriends just returned from a spa weekend at the Kingfisher Resort and Spa-a-a-aaaaahhhhh. Oh yeah, it was relaxing to be certain, but it was also two days of food and wine overindulgence at a level that could induce post-sloth-and-consumption guilt if we let it. I’m choosing not to go down that road though.

Because seriously…what is it I speak about again; small steps to great gains? Why ruin a perfectly good girl’s weekend by tossing remorse into the mix, when small adjustments with food and exercise will get us back on track quickly?

Water you saying?
Today we’ve all been drinking lots of water. Beyond the re-hydrating effects of water, it will also help all the ‘toxins’ flow through the body more quickly, restore some energy lost from the late nights and a sister who snores, and since water is calorie-free we’re not adding on any more liquid calories.
Watch this video to learn 4 ways water is good for weight management.

Nap-tastic. How is it we just spent a weekend relaxing at the spa and we’re all still so tired? Whatever the reason, I say WHY FIGHT IT? With nothing to do this afternoon the first thing on my to-do list was to take a nap. Real-life is going to return soon enough so house-cleaning and all that can wait… and those zzzz’s were plenty restorative so I’ll be more excited about doing a good calorie-burning workout tomorrow!

Move it and lose it. None of us had any energy to go for a big walk or run today, but all of us did a bit of exercise this weekend and every little effort today added energy and burned calories. In the week ahead I’m certainly going to prioritize my regular workouts and also choose opportunities to add on exercise through small efforts every chance I can.

Fruits and veggies. Our weekend diet consisted of wine and cheese, guacamole and chips, chocolate and apple cider (hey, I never said I was a food saint) … and a gourmet dinner Saturday night complete with appies and dessert. YUM! Unfortunately fruits and vegetables were low on the priority list and my body is telling me smarten up!

Tonight there will be fewer processed carbs (way fewer) and more fruits and vegetables. Even one day of healthy eating feels better and makes it easier to continue the trend into the rest of the week. I’m actually CRAVING salad!

The next time you head off for a weekend of fun, try to exercise some restraint (I’ll do better next time) but if that fails, don’t let guilt ruin the post-party reminiscing. Re-focus your health and energy efforts in small ways and with any luck you’ll be back on track before the next weekend rolls around.

Michelle Cederberg, Certified Speaking Professional | MKin, BA Psyc, CEP, Co-Active Coach

Health and Productivity Expert, Michelle Cederberg helps people with full schedules and a long list of responsibilities maximize their personal energy so they can optimize their productivity and success. As a highly accomplished speaker, author, educator, fitness professional, life coach and entrepreneur, she equips people to feel their best so they can do their best – on the job and in life.

With a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, and a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, Michelle combines mind, body, and practicality to inspire change!

As a Co-Active Life Coach Michelle works with her clients to help them find true focus and create a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. As a Certified Speaking Professional she shares her experiences in a humorous and realistic way with delighted audiences across North America. Through her presentations, products and personality she motivates you to take small steps toward big changes, so you can actually find energy, productivity and success – even with a busy schedule!

Michelle is the author of three books. Her GOT TO IT accountability journal is a ground-breaking resource that supports people on their path to change. Her second book; If Your Life Sucks It’s Your Fault* is a fun and provocative pocket-book on personal responsibility. Her first North America wide publication; ENERGY NOW! Small Steps to an Energetic Life will be released January 2012 in book stores everywhere.

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