“The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.”

~ Antonio Brown

I’m not one to sit around and get comfortable with the status quo. As much as change makes me uncomfortable, I also know it’s the only way to grow. If the last year has taught me anything, it’s that. So, when 2021 rolled around I blew up my work systems and started making plans for what’s next in my business, and I’m excited about what’s coming.

The journey is never ending. Change and growth can happen now, even in small steps. Don’t wait for things to “get back to normal” before you begin. What will that look like for you?

In this short video I share a bit about myself for my new followers, and let you know what’s new and exciting with Michelle Cederberg Speaking and Consulting. Give it a watch, or read the transcript that follows. Can’t wait to share what’s coming your way!

And now for something just a little different. Hey, Michelle Cederberg here. In these weekly messages I am usually sharing messages about stress management and resilience and driving that success-energy to higher levels. But today I thought that I would check in with some of my new followers and share a little bit about myself, where I’ve been, where I’m going. I am a professional speaker, a professional coach, and an author, and have been doing this work that I love for over 16 years.

The last year has definitely brought some interesting challenges for me and my fellow speakers around the globe. Normally I’d be getting on planes every other week and flying to different places around North America, but in the last year I’ve had to shift to providing engaging and interesting topics right here in my spare bedroom/home studio.

I’ve enjoyed the process of connecting with my audiences in different ways, and it’s allowed me to perhaps have better work-life balance. Part of that balance meant I got to finish writing my book, Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain your Focus, Recharge your Life and Really Get Sh!t Done. I know you’ve heard quite a bit about it, but the thing that I’m most excited about this week is that it is now available as an audiobook, on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. So exciting! So, if you’re somebody that likes to listen and learn, please go and download it now.

And I’m also creating an online program which should be available sometime later this spring. If you’re interested in that, please put comments below or email me at hello@michellecederberg.com, and I will get you on a list to keep you in the loop.

If you’re interested in reaching out about having me to come to your organization (virtually or otherwise), then email me through michellecederberg.com.

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I’m going to be giving away a lot of stuff in the weeks to come, so please follow, follow, follow. Check out my videos on YouTube.  Find me on LinkedIn at Michelle Cederberg. Look for me on the social channel that pleases you the most and let’s connect.

I’m hoping that we’re all going to get back to some sort of life with a bigger footprint in the weeks and months to come, but until then I am here for you in whatever way you need to boost resilience, stress management, life balance, and success-energy.

My name is Michelle Cederberg, reminding you you’ve got one chance to do this life. I say Dare to Live It Big and dare to embrace the coming months with positivity and productivity because you know you’ve got this.

Connect with me to chat about engaging virtual sessions for your team to boost resilience, manage stress and drive success, COVID be damned. And check out my virtual speaker demo here.

To purchase your copy of The Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life, and Really Get Sh!t Done visit Amazon, or for a signed copy go to successenergybook.com. OR, contact me about bulk order discounts for your whole team!

Turns out it’s an accidental pandemic survival guide that will help you focus on what’s truly important for you in work and life …global health crises or not.


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