Since 1990 I have worked as a personal trainer, group exercise leader, lifestyle coach, educator, author, and speaker and if there is one singular challenge my clients, participants and students have had difficulty overcoming it has been without a doubt not being able to get to all the things they want and need to do. Call it lack of time or lack of motivation, but however you define it, millions of people across North America are regularly putting their dreams on the shelf telling themselves “I’ll get to it when I’m not so busy – tired – overworked…”. The dreams include anything you wish you could spend more time doing – exercise, eating right, building a business, writing, leisure activities, time with family and friends, hobbies, saving money for travel, even sleep – and feel you have no time, energy, or resources to get to. Forget finding enough time, you just need a little time every day.

What do you want to get to more often? Why not begin today? You have nothing to lose but another few years of lost progress waiting for the ideal circumstances to arise, so the choice should be easy. My new GOT TO IT journal for every day accountability will help you switch “I’ll get to it” to GOT TO IT! The information in this book will set you up for success like no journal or book before. It will guide you to embrace small changes in important aspects of your health, business, and relationships. It will help you finally GET TO IT and grow.

The journal will be available mid MARCH and you can order it now by clicking here! Once you get it, prioritize a few minutes each morning to connect with your purpose, write in the journal, and commit to one ‘get to it goal’ for the day. Chart your progress as you go, and celebrate your success … one step at a time, because that’s all it takes