“Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.”
~ Saul Bellows

…if only to get yourself moving! Overwhelm has a strange way of shutting us down from doing the work we know we need to do to reach our goals. And that doesn’t help much with goal success.

Identify the goal. Hatch a plan to attain it, then create a bit of momentum with just one small step toward it…today. Even a small step will remind you that you’re capable, it will  help you remember what success feels like, and it will give you motivation to take another step tomorrow. That goal is one step closer now!

This Energy TV video shares the benefits of WALKING for wellness. It’s one of my first and it’s worth a watch.

High-performers exist at every level of your organization, so what are you doing to tap into your team and unleash their energy?

When you embrace the energy habits of high-performing people you show up as a leader and strive for success in all you do. You take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. You find ways to take care of your energy – mind, body and spirit – no matter what is coming at you. You feel great about yourself and your capabilities. What’s possible from there?

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