“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.”
~ Ellen Caddy

It’s what life balance is all about.

I’ll be honest, I work shorter days in the summer. As a professional speaker business slows down for me in July and August so I usually follow suit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m coaching, writing and prepping for a busy fall but I’m also having fun improving my golf game, riding my mountain bike (and my cruiser), and trying to grow great tomatoes in my garden.

Even if your job keeps you busy all summer long, don’t forget to play a bit too. Get creative with after-work activities or a picnic in the park with the family. Plan an evening BBQ with friends mid-week. Do something totally new and different this weekend. Now is the time. The days are getting shorter and before long this summer will be in your memories.  Make sure they’re good ones.

Carpe Freakin’ Diem!

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High-performers exist at every level of your organization, so what are you doing to tap into your team and unleash their energy?

When you embrace the energy habits of high-performing people you show up as a leader and strive for success in all you do. You take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. You find ways to take care of your energy – mind, body and spirit – no matter what is coming at you. You feel great about yourself and your capabilities. What’s possible from there?

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