“Stress and confusion come from being busy. Peace and clarity come from slowing down and stilling your waters.”

~ Maxime Lagacé

With life as crazy as it is right now, success may be less about conquering it all, and more about simplifying, slowing down, and doing a bit less.

What could that look like for you?

With the release of my new book less than a month away, I’m sharing ideas and excerpts from ‘The Success-Energy Equation‘. In this video I talk about the demands of daily life, and why a shift back to basics might be just what we need.


Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows, then share how you push back against busyness and stress.

The world we live in is demanding more from us than ever before. Do you feel it?

We’re tasked with the daily responsibilities of work and life—job, family, friends, home obligations, finances, health—just like our parents were, and their parents before that. Today, though, the added overwhelm of technology is linked to everything we do. We race through the day with our eyeballs glued to a high-powered computer while our fingers swipe and tap, swipe and tap. We call it a smartphone, but really, why would we make an actual phone call when we can tweet, text, email, Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, or Instagram no matter the time of day or what we happen to be doing at the moment?

And these days our news feeds are besieged with the heaviness of the twenty-four-hour news cycle: politics, war, the economy, poverty, climate change, racism, terrorism, and global health crises. World news has never been so accessible and pervasive, and some days the weight of that information overload can be too much.

We’ve got devices and apps to track our health, wealth, productivity, or lack of it. We’ll hear a reminder buzz if we go off track. We’ve got so many distractions available at the swipe of a finger that days can go by with little attention paid to the real world and the people in it. So, we develop a relationship with our voice-controlled personal assistant, who listens in on our lives and automates everything from checking the weather to calling the kids to dinner.

“Alexa, help me make sense of it all!”

We’re overburdened—mentally, physically, emotionally, and cognitively—with all we’re forced to sort through on any given day. Sure, the world has forever tossed challenges our way, and we’ve done our best to juggle them. The addition of technological distractions has only added to the chaos. It has hijacked our precious bandwidth and stolen any bit of restorative downtime we thought we had. And it’s changed how we work.

Which is why I wrote The Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life, and Really Get Sh!t Done (which will be available for pre-order on October 15th) —to share ideas and information that will help you navigate today’s new brand of overwhelm and clarify what you want more of in your work and life. And I teach you how to go after it. Ironically, I finished writing the book pre-Covid, but what I wrote then can serve as a pandemic survival guide of sorts now… especially if you’re feeling a little bit lost or uncertain about what’s ahead for you in work and life.

In a world that is overpoweringly complex and automated, where we’re increasingly busy and overloaded by life, The Success-Energy Equation encourages a shift toward simplicity.

Now, more than ever, the path to success requires a return to the basics so we can rise above the noise. No, I don’t want to you to throw away your smartphone and live off the grid, but I do want you to get smart about the ways in which technology and the pace of life affects how you work. I want you to understand how your body functions under what I call 21st-and-a-quarter-century stress, and how to restore yourself in ways that combat that pressure.

I share methods that will help you get clear, confident, and disciplined for the parts of work and life that truly matter to you.

The principles I teach in the book rely on two truths: what science says about health and human performance, and the deep-down common sense you already possess about what it takes to find success. This combination is more powerful than you know, and it will help you work better. At everything.

We only get one chance to do this life, to be fully present in it, to make the most of it. And since none of us will really know for sure whether reincarnation exists until we’ve left this “mortal coil,” let’s go with that notion. One life. One chance to do the freakin’ work… or, more precisely, to do the right work on the right things right now to create a life that you love.

Are you kicking butt and taking numbers? I hope so, because life should be full of success, fun, and fulfillment. If your life is, … buy the book so you can add to that success.

And if life feels unfulfilling or you’re a bit fried, it happens… buy the book. I promise guilt-free insights and ideas to move toward greater clarity, confidence and success.

Don’t let busyness and stress mess with success. As I mentioned, pre-orders for the book begin October 15th, so stay tuned here and on my other social where I’ll share more information and excerpts from the book, along with the pre-release bonuses you’ll get if you buy 1, 5, 20 or more copies of The Success-Energy Equation!

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