“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

~ William Penn

How well do you use your time ?

We’re always hoping for a little more of it and when we have it we don’t always use it well do we? 24 hours…1440 minutes… 86,400 seconds… it’s a lot, but it’s not.

Take a minute to think about how you really want to invest your time. For instance, work and chores are important but it’s okay (no, necessary) to factor in exercise, dates with loved ones, and time for yourself too. When you prioritize health and self-care your energy meter will rise to bursting, you’ll have some fun and the mundane tasks will still get done.

Pause for a second and acknowledge how good it will feel to use your time wisely…in the pursuit of YOU.  It’s for the best.


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Explore, dream, discover (BIG) and then think small to execute. I’m with you!