You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

~ Mark Twain

Ever get yourself in a rut?

You know what I mean… so focused on one idea, one rigid attitude or one way of doing things that other possibilities get blurred from your sight? When that happens the creativity and energy gets sucked right out of the project doesn’t it? Everything you see will be tainted that stifling shade of limited.

But what if anything were possible? Or how about even just a little more than what you’ve got right now? You may not be able to see the wondrous possibilities if your imagination is stuck in auto-pilot but let me tell you, anything is possible.

This week pay attention to your ruts; Black or white, my way or the highway, it can’t be done or it’s always been done this way. Shake up your thinking. Live in What If? Re-focus on imaginative success. Boo-yah!

Energy Now Tip #75: Start your day with one positive thought about YOU. Write it down and place it by your bed to remind yourself how great you are. Exchange negative thoughts with a positive spin whenever you catch yourself. (For more ‘positive boosts’ read Chapter 13, Small Steps to an Energetic Life in Energy Now!)


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