“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!”

~ Barbara Hoffman


It’s more fun. Trust me.

The ride may not always be smooth but if you’re moving and breathing you might as well be living! Besides, it’s the potholes that teach us the most about life don’t you think?

Each challenge you face provides an opportunity to nurture your strengths. Every bad circumstance allows you to better appreciate the good stuff. Each questionable decision or mistake teaches you what not to do moving forward. View the potholes as a necessary and welcome part of growing into the amazing person you’re meant to be.

So enjoy the ride, bumps and all. And once you gain momentum you’ll start cruising over them as if they weren’t there. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and know that good things are on the horizon. Now that’s worth celebrating.

Energy Now Tip #65: Change your sheets before bed so they’re clean and crisp and rest-inducing. Tell someone close to you how much you appreciate them, even if they live far away. Go for a walk after dinner. Take your kids, your spouse or your neighbor. (Chapter 3 – The Ten Energy Commandments, pg. 65 Energy Now!)


Energy TV: In keeping with this week’s message, here’s a segment we filmed last summer on our mountain bikes. Overcoming Obstacles

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