“Perhaps my best years are gone, but I wouldn’t want them back, not with the fire in me now.”
~ Samuel Beckett

How do you let age define you ?

This quote excites me with the idea that we all get better with age. So often we look back on our past wishing we had done things differently, better, sooner… and we worry that we’ve missed the boat. But why stay stuck in regrets from behind you when there is so much you can do with what is in front of you?

What do you know now that you didn’t know then? What wisdom do you carry within you today that knows for sure what you want moving forward? What’s the fire in you now?

Trust that fire. Let it burn and create great success, happiness and energy for you no matter what age or stage you’re at. Your best years are now so burn baby burn. I can hear the sizzle from here!

Energy Now Tip #71: If exercise, good nutrition, sleep and stress management improve your physical energy, then spiritual energy is impacted by the ways you take care of yourself socially, emotionally, and spiritually – through interacting meaningfully with other people, doing things you love, being inspired and creative, building self-confidence, being hopeful, giving and receiving love and valuing yourself. Want more of that?  (Read Part 3 – Feed Your Spirit Energy Now!)


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