“The key question to keep asking is; are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.”

~ Randy Pausch

Are you giving yours away too easily?

Time is your inventory for success, health and happiness. Every minute you give away to a low or no-priority task moves you further away from achieving important goals that will drive your life forward…upward. How well are you using the 1440 minutes you’re granted each day?

We complain about not having enough time but I believe it has more to do with better using the time we’ve got. Before you sit down to watch another television program, surf the internet, or engage in ‘busy work’ at the office, ask yourself; Could I be using this time more effectively? Become mindful of your time, and use more of it for activities that will bring about results with health, work and the rest of your life. Success really is a question of priorities.

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