“Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.”

~ Leo Babauta

Keep it simple .

Simplicity is not so much about ‘dumbing down’ or doing less as it is about focusing your energy and working smart. Which daily tasks are essential to success in your work and life? What can you stop doing that is no longer serving you emotionally, physically, or even financially? Which tasks bring you joy and excitement, and which one’s drain your enthusiasm?  

It is that simple. Identify what is working, and get rid of the rest. You’ve got limited time and energy to make your impact each day. Focus on the right stuff. Once you free yourself to embrace what is truly important you’ll find that your physical and mental energy will increase, and productivity will soar. You may even find enough time and energy to up-the-ante on exercise, take on a new and meaningful project, or just enjoy a little well-deserved down-time. Everything’s right with that!

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