Well, 28 days have come and gone in phase 1 of the Energy Experiment. How did you do?

Watch this 3-minute video for some final thoughts from me, and read below to see what’s next.

Don’t stop now! If you managed to increase your activity congratulate yourself and then ask yourself what’s next. If you managed even a couple of days each week, celebrate that and build on it. And if nothing really changed use that as an opportunity for learning too. Ask yourself; what needs to be different? What would really help with motivation? … then go out and do that. Here’s a few ideas that always help me:

-An exercise buddy?

A personal trainer?

-A more convenient time of day?

-A fun class?

New work gear or shoes?

Phase 2 of the Energy Experiment. Yes, I’m continuing on with something fun and different. The next few weeks are going to be super busy for me as I travel to speak and promote the book.  Now more than ever, I need to make exercise a priority so I’ve decided I’ll keep up with my 16 minute (or more) efforts on the road, and when I’m home I want to try at least one new and different fitness class each week. Here’s a few I’m considering, and I’ll welcome your suggestions:

Zumba-I can dance plenty fine when my inhibitions are lowered by a couple of drinks, but the rest of the time I’m pretty square… but this class looks like so much fun.

Kangoo Jumps -Kangoo what? Well my friend Cathy gave me this idea and I have to admit I’m eager for the challenge and ready for a laugh.

TKO Sports Conditioning -In Calgary the ‘Fitness Guy’ Pete Estabrooks runs these high intensity classes that fuse medicine ball drills, plyometric movements, and bag workout to make an exciting and explosive workout. Yikes.

Hot Yoga -It’s not new, but it’s new to me and I’ve always wanted to try it. No time like winter time to cozy in to an ultra warm studio for strength and stretch.

Parkour -This one scares me and intrigues me at the same time. The ‘gym’ is a playground inspired by the urban environment and you basically do what it takes (gymnastics, jumping, swinging, whatever) to move around the space.

Got any other crazy ideas for me? I’m going to get out and explore different classes, and when possible I’ll get it on video so you can join in the fun by laughing at my antics.

Until then, keep doing what it takes to get Energy Now! ~ Michelle


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Michelle Cederberg, Certified Speaking Professional
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Helping people with full schedules and a long list of responsibilities maximize their personal energy to optimize work-life success.


Health and Productivity Expert, Michelle Cederberg helps people with full schedules and a long list of responsibilities maximize their personal energy so they can optimize their productivity and success. As a highly accomplished speaker, author, educator, fitness professional, life coach and entrepreneur, she equips people to feel their best so they can do their best – on the job and in life.

With a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, and a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, Michelle combines mind, body, and practicality to inspire change!

As a Co-Active Life Coach Michelle works with her clients to help them find true focus and create a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. As a Certified Speaking Professional she shares her experiences in a humorous and realistic way with delighted audiences across North America. Through her presentations, products and personality she motivates you to take small steps toward big changes, so you can actually find energy, productivity and success – even with a busy schedule!

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