Well, I’m 15 days into my 28 day Energy Experiment (Phase 1). By now I thought the results would be more obvious on the scale but they’re not, but I’m experiencing other great benefits that I want to share with you. Watch this week’s video update below.

In the initial weeks of a new exercise plan we will lose a bit more weight from water loss, and that can lead to week 2 and 3 frustration when the weight doesn’t drop or (as in my case) it comes back up. That’s why girth measurements are a good way to keep track of changes. Eat right and exercise ladies and gentleman. It’s no fad and it will eventually bring about greater health, energy and happiness.

Here’s some of the messages you’ve shared with me:

One ‘Energy Experimenter’ Shaina in Lethbridge, adapted her ‘no matter what’ exercise plan around her geriatric Rottweiler and overweight Weimaraner by shortening the dogs walks to start with (dogs have to habituate to increased activity too), and when her ‘too-young-to-stay-at-home-alone’ daughter didn’t want to walk with her she walked around the block several times while talking with her daughter on the cel phone. Way to get creative Shaina!

Another keen ‘Energy Experimenter’ Shelly sent me this email that made me laugh: “I have joined you in this experiment. It warms my heart that you were sucking wind, I was too! I had to modify some of the exercises but I hope to get to your level soon. I actually did some exercises last week from your schedule, and it hurt to move my arms for a couple of days! 16minutes is doable and I hope to keep it up! Thanks for the boost and the kick in the butt!!”

And one of my coaching clients Lisa is already down several pounds as a result of eating healthier and adding 15 minute bouts on an exercise bike a few times a week. The mantra she’s using to stick to her exercise guns is Exercise …the FINAL Frontier. She knows that if she can make exercise a habit in her life once again that she’ll lose weight, gain energy, and feel better overall!

Keep up the great work. I’d like to hear from more of you about the results you’re experiencing.

And remember … 10 minutes of DOING is better than the hour your were thinking about doing. Now step away from the computer and get some exercise 😉

p.s. – Here’s a bonus article download that might help you tweak your small-steps exercise mindset – 2012 Embrace a New Attitude about Fitness – www.worklifeenergy


Michelle Cederberg, Certified Speaking Professional | MKin, BA Psyc, CEP, Co-Active Coach

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