75% of Canadians don’t believe that work-life balance is possible. We’re working more than ever, spending less time with our friends and family, and inevitably watching our health and happiness drift away. So maybe life balance isn’t possible?

Michelle Cederberg is pushing back against the common definitions of life balance and challenges you to consider a new view. In this thought-provoking session you will:

  • Get clear on what better balance means to you and set your intentions for moving forward with change.
  • Identify your biggest time wasters and effectively prioritize your day to find time for the things that matter. 
  • Learn small-steps methods for boosting energy throughout your day.
  • Develop strategies to move forward with greater clarity, work day focus, and life balance.

Michelle uses humour and expertise to cut to the chase with ideas and insights that help even the busiest people live an energetic, more balanced life.


Download the full keynote description here: Exposing the Myth of Life Balance www.worklifeenergy.com

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