“Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. If you’re hanging around bad people, they’re going to start bringing you down . . . But, if you surround yourself with good people, they’re going to be pulling you up.”

~ Donny Osmond

There’s a saying that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Well, research suggests that influence doesn’t stop at five people, so for success, it truly pays to choose who you associate with.

We’re pack animals by nature, and if we run with the wrong pack we’ll eventually get bitten. You won’t be inspired to higher levels if you hang out with negative, unmotivated, difficult people. And, eventually some of that crap is sure to rub off on you.

So, choose to surround yourself with positive, responsible, supportive people who genuinely want the best for you. Not only is it more fun, but good people will help elevate so many aspects of your life, and you’ll be motivated to do your best in all you take on.

You only get one chance to do this life, so choose your pack wisely and make it a great one.

Then watch the short video below, or read the transcript that follows for more reasons to associate with quality people.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here, pondering the perspectives our people provide us as we propel ourselves forward personally and professionally. In other words, the people that we surround ourselves with matter.

I want you to think right now about three people that you are close to. People that influence you every single day – whether they are family, friends, co-workers – who are part of that close pack.

My hope is that these people are positive, supportive, driven, happy individuals. Why? Well, because the people we surround ourselves with are our reference point for success. If I’m hanging out with Lazy Larry, Negative Nancy, and Backstabbing Betty you can bet that’s going to have an impact on how I conduct myself day to day.

First off, it’ll be easier for me to adopt those attitudes. Wouldn’t you agree that when you’ve got somebody negative around you, you tend to start complaining right along with them? But the second thing that’s perhaps more notable for success, is that no matter what I do, I look like a rock star when I hang around with negative people. As long as I’m slightly better, nicer, or harder working, I’m telling myself, “I’m good! I’m doing a lot better than those yahoos!” So chances are, I’m not working to my full potential. Do you have people around you that are dragging you down?

Now, on the flip side, if I surround myself with Positive Paul, and Driven Donna, and Encouraging Ellie I become a better person simply by spending time with these fabulous people. By hanging around them, my frame of reference for success has been elevated. All of a sudden I’m being forced to work harder and challenge myself so I can keep up with the pack if you will. Good people will help you do good work, and they will challenge you to work smarter, and harder, and better. That is a good thing for success.

Surround yourself with champions, cheerleaders, and challengers. The champions are the ones that support you, and promote you, and believe in you. The cheerleaders are always going to be telling you, “yes you can!” and they’ll sing your praises. But it’s not all about hanging with people who will blow rosy smoke up your aspirations either. The challengers are the ones that are going to push you outside your comfort zone and challenge you to be better. Those are the people in your life that you might not always love what they have to say, but you know that they are so darn right. #DTFW

In choosing your pack, you also want to surround yourself with people at different stages of the success journey.

1) People who you can learn from. These are the people that you admire, or look up to, that you want to be like.

2) People who you can learn with. These are the people who are like you and who are at the same level as you, that you can relate to and commiserate with as you work to higher levels together.

3) People you can teach. These are the people that look up to you, that you can guide and mentor.

These people may be at different stages of the journey, but what works is that all of you share the same values and drive, and you want to get to the same places even if you’re at different points in that trajectory. You learn and give back at every level. Exciting!

We are pack animals by nature and we will gravitate towards the habits and the attitudes of the pack we choose so I say choose wisely!

Surround yourself with confident, responsible, supportive people. Detox if you have to because energy vampires are not good for anyone. And see how great you feel when your people naturally get you, and like you, and want the best for you. What is possible from there?

Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you to choose your pack wisely. Surround yourself with supportive, responsible, confident, fun, brilliant people who are going to support you and challenge you to be your best version of you. Yes, life is good.

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