“The first rule of focus is this: Wherever you are, be there.”

~ Unknown

So often ‘busyness’ creates an environment of distraction and scattered thought. Too much to do and no idea how to get it all done = overwhelm. That’s life … I guess.

So in this new year, what are you going to do about it? It would be a shame if you let bothersome barriers like fear, fatigue, lack of knowledge or limited resources hold you back from the great things within you. Get present with your plans.

It’s early days in this new year. Sit down and focus on your objectives for 2015. Look at your career, health, relationships… and whatever else is important to you. Do it now and create your best year yet.

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Energy TV for the New Year

This Energy TV video is one of our best and it’s a perfect kick in the butt for any excuses you’re still holding on to. Let them go! 2015 is your year!

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