I’ve been a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers since 2001. I’ve been speaking professionally for over 15 years and I say without hesitation that my involvement in this organization is the only reason I was able to launch into a successful full-time speaking career over 7 years ago.

Through CAPS and now the GSF I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with speakers from all over the world. I learn something new with every interaction and it has truly improved my speaking skills and perhaps more importantly, how I run my business. That’s why I’m particularly excited to share this exciting news with you.

December 8-10th 2013, our Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is proud to host the Global Speakers Summit for the first time on Canadian soil! Speakers from all over the world will converge in Vancouver, B.C. at the Westin Bayshore to connect, collaborate, and share truly global ideas. Imagine how that could impact your business? I’m pretty excited myself!

As part of their promotional efforts, the conference team created a GSS Go Viral Video contest asking entrants to share why the Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver in 2013 is the most important event of its kind at this moment in world history. This is my creative entry made with the help of the wonderful and talented Ewan Nicholson.

If you’re a speaker, trainer, facilitator … or even if you aspire to be, then plan to attend this event. It will arm you with ideas, information and inspiration that will launch your speaking career to new levels. Get more information here and register now. I hope to see you there! www.gss2013.com