When it comes to goal setting and getting things done, why is it that some people are able to push forward and achieve at high levels while others seem to flounder? Research suggests that it has less to do with skill or education, and more to do with how we set goals and whether we possess key characteristics of something called gritthe persistence, drive and determination to achieve a goal.

Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach and change agent who wants to help you get things done. In this eye-opening session you will:

  • Explore 5 characteristics of grit and learn ways to exploit each in your quest to have it all.
  • Learn how to set effective goals, and find out why long-term goals matter.
  • Identify behaviours that positively (and negatively) impact goal achievement so you can focus on the right ones.
  • Find out the number one, surprising reason people don’t succeed at any given pursuit (and how you can avoid this pitfall).

In the quest for career success and life fulfillment, goals matter. Learn effective, exciting goal setting, strengthen your grit, and get things done. This session provides the tools.

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