Hey, thanks for tuning in to Lauren’s Talk Shop Interview with me. What fun  talking about Success-Energy and crushing those work-life goals.

In the interview I mentioned a goals worksheet that you can use to get clear and stay on track with the goals that matter most to you.

I’ve got two, and you can download them here:

1) Goal Getting worksheet www.worklifeenergy.com

2) Goal-Crusher goal sheet www.worklifeenergy

Plus, if you want an exciting way to rethink your goals (beyond the dull S.M.A.R.T. goals method), read this article I wrote: 2018 Putting the ART in SMART GOALS www.worklifeenergy.com

And finally, if you want to stay connected, you’ve got all sorts of choices depending on where you hang out on-line.

And no matter what you do, take a bit of time today to ponder those goals and WRITE THEM DOWN.

Here’s a video I did on that very topic: Why You Should Write Down Your Goals

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