Ever heard of a Heart Spark Moment? Me neither, until I sat down for a chat with my good friend Dr. Janice Brown. She’s launching a movement to share the positive feeling of love around the globe: www.heartsparkmoment.com. She’s my guest blogger this week, sharing how Heart Spark Moment started…plus a bonus gift for you at the end of this post! Enjoy. ~ Michelle

I wrote a book…now what? Four words I never thought I’d say, “I wrote a book”. Somehow, when I was home for Christmas visiting my parents in the Yukon in 2015 this desire to type came over me.

Over the span of 4 or 5 days between the hours of “when everyone went to bed” and “oh, God I’m tired”; these ideas and pieces of my life came together on paper. My keyboard clicked under the glow of the laptop screen, as I typed propped up in bed next to my sleeping girls.

The concept of a Heart Spark Moment had been on my mind for a number of years. I had tried to share my vision a few times but it came out in a jumble. I discovered that I could not effectively articulate what could only be felt. Those I talked to didn’t understand and I was disheartened in sharing initially.

Finally, I just started writing and putting the puzzle pieces together. It was not clear because I didn’t have a picture, so really I had chapters of information that needed to be pulled together. The words came easily; and very quickly I had a first draft. Then, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I shared the book with a few people and one immediately understood and knew it’s value. The other, didn’t read it. I was still unclear. So it sat in my computer for a year…waiting. But it’s message was calling/pushing me.

I want to empower others, and for many others to empower many others…exponentially. One giant ripple on the glorious sunlit ocean of fulfillment and desire. A tidal wave of Love. – Janice Brown

Last summer, I was invited to give a presentation at a “Living with Passion and Purpose” retreat in Las Vegas. Initially to talk about Acupuncture and TCM, but I saw it as my window. So I asked if I could speak about Heart Spark Moment. The answer was “Yes”. Finally, I had what I needed…a deadline!

Over the last while, the book’s purpose became clear to me. The book wasn’t meant to be a novel or a NY Times bestseller. It was a tool; a Heart Spark Moment Tool. It was the missing piece that helped explain the ideas I had for so long; not only through describing the concept, but through actually creating the “Feeling”. The book itself creates the feeling I had been trying to articulate. It’s a quick read only an hour over a coffee or a glass of wine; I realized that was it’s value.

A few weeks ago, I woke up and this sentence was humming in my mind, “What if you could change the world? One Heart. One Spark. One Moment at a time.” Since then, everything Heart Spark related has just fallen into place.

When this story finds its way to you, it is a gift of Love. It was meant to find you today, exactly when you needed it. And no matter how it came to you, it is yours to keep forever in your heart. No person should ever pay a dime for this story. It is my gift to you, and when the time is right, I know you will share your Heart Spark Moment with me. (Heart Spark Moment Exchange.)

In the instant when you are compelled by every fiber in your Being to speak your truth about a moment of grace, a blessing from another, a flash of insight… whatever it is that resonates within you. In that instant when you carry your heart-felt intention and share it in return, that moment is a Heart Spark Moment.

Your story, like mine is meant to touch the heart of the world as well. Together we can change the world; using Heart Spark Moments to touch the heart and soul of every person on this planet.

I hope you enjoy the story and feel the feeling. You have my blessing to freely share it. You may forward copies of the  PDF through email or hard copy that you print out. Share the link to the website, whatever works for you. My intention with the story is for the message to circulate. Please share when you are inspired to do so. You can click the link below to get the book, “What would you do if you knew that you were Blessed?”

Blessed eBook

With Love, Janice

In this week’s Work-Life Recharge video Janice and I talk about Heart Spark Moments and introduce Stu-HEART and his ‘Journey of Joy’ … just in time for the Universal Day of Happiness March 20th. It’s worth a watch!