1:1 coaching is empowering and even FUN.

And just because I’m not taking new clients until the fall doesn’t mean YOU should wait to experience the benefits. So here are 3 reasons I’m connecting with you about coaching with my friend and colleague Grace Cho of Seismic Coaching.

#1: I often find that when people express an interest in coaching they’re either ready to jump right in, or they want more information and the chance to think about it… to ‘tire kick’ if you will.

But if I know anything to be true I know for a fact that if you’re asking about coaching there is a really good reason why. What’s your reason and how would your life change if you could gain clarity and take action with your goals and plans? And why in heck would you wait to get started on something that great?

#2: I believe that all of us connect with different people in different ways. It’s smart and eye-opening to work with different coaches all through your coaching journey. I’ve had the joy and privilege of working with several different Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches in the last few years and have gained different perspectives and insights from all of them. It actually deepened my learning and outcomes in ways I didn’t think possible. That means that you can have a wonderful coaching experience with another coach, and still connect with me somewhere down the line if you like. It’s the best possible scenario!

#3: I believe in abundance and sharing of good things, and when it comes to coaches who walk their talk and know their stuff, my friend Grace is a good thing. If my schedule is full it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good if I hoard my contacts and keep you and other coaches from connecting. The ultimate goal is to begin experiencing the power of coaching in your life, so I say let’s not wait another day! Grace Cho is kicking some serious coaching butt, and she’s taking on new clients right now.

WHY GRACE? You may be thinking, With all the coaches you must know, why wouldn’t you just send us information about all of them and let us decide?

Sure, I could do that but I don’t know all of my coaching colleagues in the same way as I do Grace, and besides, when we’re making decisions about anything (let alone who to hire for personal growth guidance) too many choices can be a bad thing. It’s like information overload and it shuts us down from making any decision at all… and you really don’t need to be sitting on your butt about life changes a day longer do you? And besides, I’m not going to refer you to anyone I haven’t test-driven myself.

So, here’s what I know to be true about Grace Cho, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach:

– I’ve been coached by Grace personally, and know the depth of her caring, focus and desire to help people experience seismic nudges that will help you rock your personal Richter scale. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Well it is.

– The research and communications experience that was Grace’s ‘life before coaching’ add a powerful element to her coaching that is unique to her.

– She has a sense of adventure that is infectious; motorcycle rider, sea kayaking and mountain biking enthusiast, all-around ‘go-getter kind of gal’ (no wonder I like her).

– Grace has different elements to her offerings but her main drive is her coaching business. She’s 100% focused on serving her coaching clients before all else. And she’s taking on new clients just in time for summer self-care.

Don’t wait until fall. Get momentum now. Experience a free and confidential 30-minute consultation with Grace. When you connect with her don’t forget to ask her about her ‘I heard about you through Michelle’ special.

I really do like sharing good things. I hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity and create the best possible summer self-care plan for yourself that will no doubt carry in to the fall and beyond. Know that you can also connect with me at any time, and of course you’ll still be receiving my weekly e-spirations so you know where to find me!

Have a great summer.