“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Agree or disagree? We can wish for more summer, or we can plan to make the most of what’s left of it. We can wish for work to be easier, and more enjoyable or we can plan ways to make that happen. We can wish things were different, or we can take action and create change. How would you rather use your energy?

In these last few weeks of summer, enjoy yourself for sure, and also start thinking about how you want to reset – with your health, work, or otherwise – once autumn arrives. Start making a few plans now, for how to be more prepared and productive for whatever it is that’s coming our way next. And, let’s make it good!


Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows, and let’s hit September with energy and focus.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here out for a morning walk with my dog Islay, contemplating how to make the most of these last few weeks of summer, and I’m certainly not just talking about backyard barbecues, golf, and all the outdoor fun. I’m talking about how to look at your work and use these last few weeks to set yourself up for success as you head into September.

As a professional speaker, I don’t do much speaking in the summer, so now’s the time for me to look forward to my fall bookings and to see what preparations I need to do, to start reaching out to potential clients for more fall bookings, if that’s something you’re interested in then let me know, and to just get organized so that I can feel good about ending the summer ready to get to work (to do the freakin’ work as I often say.)

For you it may be as simple as a health reset. For me anyway, Covid has been a time of a little bit of excess and perhaps not as much exercise as I would normally like. And so what does that look like for you? Do you need to make some decisions about drinking less, or eating more healthily, or getting more movement? It could be a work prioritization. What in your work do you need to delete because you’ve done it, what do you need to dump because it’s no longer relevant, what do you need to delegate because it’s not necessarily on your job description?

You might also want to set some new work goals. Once summer ends and we’re back to focusing on work without the distractions of outdoors and fun, where do you want to put your energy so that you can be successful in the months and weeks that lead to September? What will get you more excited about work? (There’s my dog distracting us.)

I challenge you now to do that, not necessarily as, “Oh my gosh we’re going to get back to work and I should really just quit having fun,” but so you can head into September feeling like you’ve got your shit together, like you’re relaxed, like you’re organized.

I’ve had a good summer and I’m ready to get back to work. I’m also going to think about how to have a little bit more fun in these last few weeks of summer, sure. But, I’m also excited to get back to work and make an impact.

So what does that look like for you?

Another thing you might want to do is check out my 6 Day Work-Life Reset. It’s a FREE 6 day mini-program that will help you refocus and recharge as we head into post-pandemic life… because it is coming, and I’ve said it many many times: things have changed and perhaps you want to make some adjustments because of it. What do you want to keep that you’ve learned from the pandemic? What do you know that you need to let go of, now that we’re moving towards hopefully a little bit more freedom?

Anyway, those are my thoughts for this day. I hope you’re having a great end of summer. Think about that reset, think about what that looks like for you. Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you we’ve got one chance to live this life, I say Dare to Live It Big, dare to have a bit more fun this summer, but dare to look forward to September with some enthusiasm for the kind of work, and productivity, and health, and abundance you can create for yourself. I think we’re in for some good times ahead. Islay agrees too. We’ve got to finish our walk. Have a good one.

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