This week I have been thinking more about when to blog and what to blog.  I’ve also been using my business down-time to reach out to the universe with other tentacles of myself and my message.  I’m learning how to use You Tube and will be creating a series of short videos that will hopefully educate and inspire you on your way to personal and professional growth!  I’m investigating blog talk radio as another way to talk more when I’m not presenting.  I’ll be able to create short messages, interviews, and mini-sessions that will then become pod casts that you’ll be able to download and listen to while you’re exercising, driving, or just hanging out.  I’m also learning how to host my own WEBINAR and will have a FREE introductory session to offer you in April.  Wait for the announcement and save the date.

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, last week, by simply telling you I would blog at least once a week, I thought about it more and brought it to fruition even sooner than I had intended.  I wasn’t planning on writing again until next week but the intention was set and I wanted to share my thoughts, and WHAM-O … mission accomplished.

I rationalized, therefore, that if I tell you my intentions for You Tube. blog talk radio, and my webinars, I will work harder to bring those elements of my business into being sooner rather than later.

I’m thinking of my blog posts as another element of my accountability plan.  Hey, thanks for your help.


What tactics do you employ to hold yourself accountable to important ‘to do’s?

Next week stay tuned for some exciting news about GOT TO IT!



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