“I don’t have time is the adult-version of The dog ate my homework.”
~ Unknown

Deep down we know it’s true.

Yet we never seem to have enough time! But is that entirely accurate? It seems we always find time for the things we want to do; binge-watching the latest Netflix hit, games on the iPad, scrolling social media, tinkering in the garage…you get the idea.

It’s tougher to prioritize efforts that will grow the business or improve our lives – like sales calls or proposal writing, like hitting the gym or getting enough sleep. And when we don’t get those things done we chalk it up to lack of time. I think it’s more accurate to label it as misdirected time; time we chose to use on less productive tasks.

I’m not suggesting you give up all your guilty pleasures, but I am hoping that today you’ll take a closer look at fine-tuning your priorities. You do have the time for the important stuff if you simply choose differently. What distractions need less of your attention? What big-picture tasks can you make more time for?

Carpe Freakin’ Diem! It’s about time.

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