It’s not supposed to be easy.

If you’re working toward something good, it rarely is. But change is hard…and if you want what it will bring there’s only one way to get there.

You have to do the freakin’ work. Even when it feels like work. And it often will.

The thing about jumping outside that comfort zone is that nothing out there is familiar…it’s uncomfortable. So your first instinct might be to stop, or take a step back into “Easy”.

But where has that ever gotten you?

This time, as you step into change, What will you do when it gets hard? Let’s assume stopping is not an option?

Sometimes the best thing about doing the work is that you’re doing the freakin’ work…that you’re capable of it. Because you are! The work makes you stronger. It builds confidence, courage, and resilience! The work brings progress, which will motivate you to keep going.

And that feeling once you’ve done it? AMAZING!

It’s not supposed to be easy, but hard work beats giving up, ANY DAY!

I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you to keep going! And if you need a bit of coaching to help you with that, email me here.

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