Want a better-than-ever start to this year? Every week in 2017 you’ll have the choice to watch my work-life recharge video on Youtube, or read the corresponding blog right here…or BOTH (since I’ll share info here that won’t be in the video).

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video-2-wlrMichelle Cederberg here. I’m hoping that this year is treating you well so far. I am so excited to be sharing a new project that I am launching that is going to help you make this year your best ever in your work and your life.

I have challenged myself to create 52 videos for you – one a week – all about recharging work and life. It’s going to be exciting… interviews, information, tips, on-location…skies the limit!

And the reason why you want to be there is because everything I share is going to help you do things better, do things more productively, and make a real difference for yourself this year.

I’m so glad you’re along for the ride. Don’t miss out on the fun. It’ll be good for you and for your work and your life!

Find your Winter Energy

And hey..while I’ve got your attention, let me share 4 ways that you can stay energized this winter while you crush those goals!

#1 MOVE MORE… Most of us are more active in the warm spring and summer months, and then when winter hits we slooooow down, we sleep and nap more, and we move a lot less. This winter get that motor running.

Consistent low-intensity exercises decreases fatigue by 65%. So move more. Bonus points if you’re outdoors when you do it! (No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing). Movement gets that HR up, boosts 02 circulation, burns calories and improves your mood.

And, if ice and snow isn’t your jam, move your summer activities indoors. SUP or kayak at your local pool, move rock climbing to a climbing gym. Put your road bike on rollers and watch a movie while you crank out the miles. Heck, dance in your living room to your favourite summer tunes. But whatever you don’t stop. It’s way to hard to get moving again once spring reappears.

#2 Don’t Let Comfort Foods Comfort You
Did you know that food deliveries tend to spike in winter months? And we’re not ordering quinoa salad. It’s pizza, friend chicken, Chinese food that we crave…simple carbs and fatty foods that wrap us un a warm hug of yummy, and then suck every last bit of energy away. Food comas are productivity killers, so choose healthy instead. High-fiber grains, lean meats, fresh vegetables…think chili, hearty slow-cooker meals, roasted chicken and root veggies, SOUPS and STEWS!

#3 Rise and Shine with the Sunshine
Shorter days mean less sunlight, which can make people depressed and lethargic. So when you get up, open the blinds and let the light in. Have your morning coffee facing a window instead of your iPad. Take advantage of daylight throughout your day, by taking breaks outside, or in an area that’s full of natural light (I choose outside).

That Vitamin D sunshine brings is a booster that will keep you going, even when the days are short and the winter feels endless!

#4 Do the Freakin’ Work (yeah I said that again…) Use prolonged indoor time this winter to make progress on all the things you meant to do this past summer, when you chose instead to play outdoors – gardening or biking or sitting on the patio…which is all good by the way!

When the days are short and chilly, why not hunker down indoors with writing, reading, work or personal projects that will help you get ahead?

And if you’re interested in tracking your progress click this Work-Life Check-In link to download an Excel or PDF version of my quick assessment.

Carpe Freakin’ Diem!