“Our energy is in proportion to the resistance it meets.”

~ William Hazlitt

Need energy? To regain real get-up-and-go think beyond that quick jolt of java or your afternoon nap. Your lack of oomph may need a multi-level makeover that involves body, mind and spirit.

Maybe you have loads of physical energy because you eat well and exercise, yet you’re dragging your butt through the day anyway? That physical energy could be meeting with resistance from your emotional or spiritual energy. Work challenges, financial troubles, relationship woes; even day-to-day stress can impact emotional energy and suck your physical energy down the drain in a nanosecond. Time to stop the leaks.

It could be you are passionate about your career, you have good friends and a great relationship, but you’re tired all the time because that fantastic energy is meeting with resistance from an absence of physical energy. Must prioritize exercise and eating right.

When it comes to an abundance of personal energy how do you resist? The ultimate energy plan involves physical health, emotional wellness, and time spent doing things you love. Before long you’ll have so much energy you’ll be selling the extra back to the grid. CHARGE!


Michelle has finished writing Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life due to be released January 2012 by Sentient Publications. Stay tuned for excerpts in her blog postings and gain energy tips for mind, body and spirit!




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