“The closest to being in control we will ever be is in that moment that we realize we’re not.”

~ Brian Kessler

Recently I went on a mountain bike ride that included a rocky, rooty descent that was steeper than I’m used to. In order to navigate the tricky terrain and stay on my bike I rode the brakes so hard that at times I was barely moving. I fell off my bike more on that descent than I have all season. I wanted to stay in control and in doing so I lost it.

To experience success I needed to commit to my plan without necessarily knowing the outcome. I needed to trust in my skill just a bit and allow momentum to carry me over the bumps. I needed to be okay with being out of control. In that instant, applying the brakes was like trying to stop a tree from falling; eventually something was going to hit the ground. As on the bike, so too in life.

What do you fight against in your life? What do you hold on to so tightly that you feel like you’re losing control; a decades old argument, not saying what you think, a worn-out belief (it can’t be done, not by me, my parents said so), the need to be right or better or in control? What would you gain by letting go of the brakes and relinquishing control? Lots I think. What a ride!

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