“Hear your heart.  Heart your health.”

~ Faith Seehill

February is heart month.  What are you doing to love yours?  I know you hear it all the time, but exercise is important and ideally your heart is bouncing around from activity at least three times each week in service of your health.

Your starting point is to do a little more than what is normal for you.  Your ultimate goal is enough intensity that you can ‘hear your heart’ beating at a higher pace.  Walking, dancing, running, biking, skating, skiing, swimming …anything that gets your heart rate up and your sweat glands firing.

Keep it simple.  Do it every other day.  Don’t let the weather deter (watch my WINTER FUN video for tips).  Life is short enough without stressing out your ticker through low activity.  Show it the love it truly wants and your health will be ‘hearty’ indeed.

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