“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”

~ Cynthia Ozick

When life gets crazy, it’s easy to complain about fatigue, busyness and stress, but where will that get you? Instead, give yourself a gratitude adjustment and focus on the flip side of the stress.

What are the good things that are coming to you because you’re busy? Who are the people who will benefit from your hard work? What do you have to look forward to once the busyness subsides?

It may not always feel like it, but life has a lot of good in it if you look for it! if you need an extra boost, watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows to learn about my own recent gratitude adjustment.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg coming to you from Toronto Pearson Airport, waiting for my flight home, which has now been delayed by 20 minutes. I’ve already been waiting a couple of hours, so it made me a little bit grumpy. I’ve been traveling a lot since the last couple of weeks of August – every week on a plane – and my flight home today is my last one and then I get a little bit of a break for about nine days. So I just want to get home!

I was getting a little bit grumpy and it made me think of a question to ask you. When life gets busy, when you get stressed, when you’re tired and just ready for some downtime, how often do you need to give yourself a gratitude adjustment? And I did not get that wrong. I did not mean to say attitude. I meant to say gratitude adjustment. Because normally on the flip side of all the stress, there’s all sorts of good stuff going that created the stress.

I’m a little bit tired because I’ve been on the road a lot, but I’m grateful because business has been good. I’m a little bit miffed because I’m getting home later, but I’m grateful because it’s my home flight that’s delayed and not the one that’s getting me to my speaking gig. So I’m not going to miss my event. I’m going to get home a little bit late, but that’s okay.

What are the things in your life that you might get grumpy about that you can do a little bit of a gratitude adjustment on? If you’re working hard, is it because you’re working on a project that’s worthwhile? If you are tired, is it because you’ve been working out extra hard or because you’ve been digging in with more or different work? What’s the flip side of the stress that you’re feeling?

And when it’s tough to find that gratitude, focus on is who you love and who loves you! Who are those people in your life? Because when everything else is going crappy, if there’s at least one person out there that loves you, (even if it’s your dog), then life is pretty damn good.

So think about the gratitude adjustment you can bring to things in your life today. I get home tonight, I get to be home for nine days. I’ve got one more gig and then I’m going to Scottsdale with my hubby for four days of golf! And then there’s some other great stuff coming up mid December. Woo hoo!. And that right now I’ve got a little more time to kill, so I’m going to go do some writing in the lounge.

You get one chance to do this life. I say, Dare to Live it Big and dare to live it with a little bit more gratitude. Until next time, take care, and stay happy.

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