Sometimes it just takes one thought, one idea to shift the way you think about things. One awareness that will help you do better…

Today’s awareness is around the mindset we hold as we navigate through the day – likely without even realizing it. It occurs to me in our busy, schedule-packed lives that it’s easy to get stuck in a mindset of ‘Never Enough’

There’s never enough time. We don’t get enough sleep. We don’t have enough energy, never enough money, not enough work, or clients, or opportunities. We don’t get enough exercise. There’s never enough hours in the day. Never enough help or support or guidance. On any given day we’re not thin enough or strong enough, not smart enough or rich enough, not fit enough or successful enough. Never enough time with family, time for leisure, time to just sit and stare into space. Never enough.

Do you feel it?

It’s an easy mindset to fall into as you chase to get everything done in the day, and while I’m sure it’s not happening in every aspect of your life, be aware of when, and in which particular circumstances ‘never enough’ shows up for you.

Here’s why: If your ultimate goal is to have more, be better and do better (which I believe is a goal for most of us), you won’t get there by looking into the gaps.

Yes there will be times when you’re stretched and stressed, and those ‘never enough’ gaps will pop up everywhere – with health, work, relationships, finances, down-time – and they’ll be hard to ignore. So when that happens lift up your head. Instead of looking into the gaps and dwelling on what’s missing (energy, time, money, support, whatever) look up, and look forward toward what’s possible.

Focus on what you do have. Focus on what’s working. Focus on what you have control of right now. Look for the good. Write it down!

When you take an inventory of all the good things you’ve got going on around you, you’ll discover that the good far outweighs the crap, and it’s way more enjoyable to hang out in that gratitude space.

Then explore your possibilities from there…because it’s a lot harder to solve a problem from the bottom of a hole.

And as you navigate your day, think about this: What does ‘enough’ look like for you – in work, with your health, your relationships, your finances? Identify it, write it down, and start looking for ways to get more of it.

One awareness: Push aside ‘never enough’ and look for more.

Carpe Freakin’ Diem!