“Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we are meant to be.”
~ Unknown


Do you know where you’re meant to be with your work and life? We’ve all been through a lot over the last year, so it might be difficult to answer that question, but I think it’s important to consider. We’re eventually coming out the other side of this thing, and once we do, my hope is that we’ll all be in prime position to take our work and life to the next level. So, right now it’s a good time for a shake up. Let me share mine.

Last week I launched a free mini-program that I’m calling the 6 Day Work-Life Reset. Many of you have already signed up, so let me know what you think! If you haven’t, you still can, and when you do you’ll gain clarity around what needs shaking up in your life right now. It’s fun, it’s short, and best of all, it’s free.

Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows, then sign up for my FREE 6 Day Reset to shake things up… in a good way!


Hey Michelle Cederberg here, out for a morning walk with Islay who is now over a year old. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen her and she is growing. I’m out a bit earlier than usual because I am trying to shake up my routine (that and it’s going to be a hot one today).

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about this feeling of languishing… this sense of BLAH that so many have been feeling, myself included. Well, one of the best ways to break the BLAHS is to shake up your routine just a little bit.

Many of us have been stuck in a Ground Hog Day existence, and when that happens we can get into the habit of our boring routines. We can get into the habit of pandemic ground-hoggyness, without realizing we have a choice over how we spend our time.

So, here’s my challenge for you today. Think about the ways that you can shake up your routine in little ways, especially now since it’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and summer is on its way. Try something different:

– Visit somewhere new in your city or neighborhood
– Take up a new hobby or activity
– Change up your meal time menus or try a new restaurant
– Do something different with your exercise routine, your work breaks, your evenings
…[fill in the blank]

Maybe you want to start walking yourself to work in the morning, now that the weather is nice? If you work from home you can still do that: head out, walk around the block, come back in and ‘go to work’. It’s a great way to create a line between work and life.

Maybe you want to try stand up Paddle Boarding, or learn how to Roller blade (I hear it’s making a comeback)?

Last week I launched my 6 Day Work-Life Reset. It’s an absolutely free, email-based daily program that will hit you with an email a day that gives you some food for thought, an exercise to work through, some questions to light your way to ‘next’, and an opportunity to shake up your day-to-day routine… to get past the pandemic BLAHS.

On Day 4 of the Reset you’ll get what I call a Work-Life Check-In. It’s a fun one because I ask you to check in with how you’re doing around people, personal health, purpose, play and prosperity – my 5 Ps – and assess how you’re doing with each right now.

We’re getting to the other side of this pandemic (thank God), and when we get there we all want to be primed to step into the world in a bigger way with post-pandemic positivity and productivity.

In that exercise I ask you to think about what you need to KEEP, TOSS, CHANGE and EXPLORE with each of the 5 Ps. Through that process you get to celebrate the things that you’re going to KEEP; the things that are going well in all those areas (I hope the list is long).

You also get to celebrate or cleanse yourself of certain aspects of those 5 Ps that just need to go… that it’s time to TOSS. There’s certainly things like that in my life that have popped up over the last 16 months of the Corona-coaster. I am absolutely tossing some of my eating habits. No more Covid bread for me for awhile, and I’m going to toss out the after dinner TV watching in favour of more outdoor time.

The Work-Life Check-In also lets you look at the things you’d like to CHANGE. It doesn’t have to be colossal change either. You can make small changes with any of the 5Ps and feel great about it! And the final check-in on the exercise (my favourite) asks you to consider the things you’d like to EXPLORE, and that’s how I started this video. What are the things you want to try this summer – something new with the people in your life, with your personal health, with your purpose…

So, take a look at the 6 Day Work-Life Reset and let’s make a great start to summer, and start looking toward brighter days ahead. They are sure coming friends!

My name is Michelle Cederberg reminding you we only get one chance to do this life, I say Dare to Live It Big and dare to do it with an eye to shaking things up for summer and beyond!

Sign up for the FREE 6 Day Work-Life Reset, and share the link with anyone you know, who might benefit from a reset of their own! EXCITING!

Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you we’ve got one chance to do this life, I say Dare to Live It Big, and dare to get there in small, positive steps.

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