I spent the day procrastinating writing this blog. It’s now 7pm and I’m finally getting to it. The last blog I wrote was in January and I recall delaying that one too. It got me thinking. Why do I suffer so when it comes to writing my blog, when I can sit down every week and happily write my ‘Get To It Guideline’? I’ve decided it’s partly because I have a short attention span. When I began writing my weekly email ‘e-spirations’ nearly 7 years ago I intentionally made it short and sweet – not only to keep it easy for my readers to prioritize in their busy schedule, but so I would commit to writing it each week in mine. That premise has worked for me through over 325 weekly messages so I decided to apply it to my blog writing along with a goal of making it more fun for me. Since I began my blog I have been inconsistent and uninspired (hard truth). The only blog I really enjoyed writing in the last year and a half was my October 2009 blog ‘Humility and my Own Accountability‘. Why, you ask? Well, that month I blogged from my heart, allowed myself to be myself, and told the truth about some of the things I was having trouble with … an accountability expert struggling to get to it? That’s rich, but that was the truth and it felt good to come clean. I’m not perfect. Yup, I’m a motivational speaker, fitness expert, coach, teacher, and generally upbeat kind of gal, but I’m far from having it all figured out. I sure do try hard though … and I pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in my own ‘work in progress life’ that’s for sure. I bet you can relate.

Here’s the truth then. As I enjoy the last few weeks of being 40 I realize that with age has come certain wisdom. I don’t have to be anyone but me. I can be an imperfect expert. I can show and share what I know of course … but the learning that comes through sharing the challenges and questions and screw-ups is so much more interesting don’t you think? It’s how I learn and grow, it becomes fodder for stories when I speak, and it’s A LOT more fun to blog about. So there you go. I’m springing ahead with a new blog writing plan that will mean a more authentic blog reading experience, more frequent blogs, and more fun for me!

Here’s what you can do to help. My goal is one short blog a week … some time before Thursday each week. Sign up for my RSS feed that will tell you when my blogs get posted. When you get them, read and report back with your thoughts. I’ll keep them short, I’ll be honest about the week I’ve had, share a bit more about my life beyond my business, and I’ll plan to end with a question I want your thoughts on.

This week I want to hear your thoughts on whether this is a good idea. Is it stupid for me to be so open about my shortcomings when some people may view me as the ‘go to gal’ on doing it right?

Next week stay tuned for some exciting news about GOT TO IT!


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