I spent this past Sunday in complete unproductive relaxation mode.  I slept in, had a lesiurely breakfast, read the paper, took a nap, watched a movie … I didn’t do a single task oriented, ‘to do’ list, work related responsibility all day!  Those who know me will wonder what came over me.
The truth is I’ve been thinking alot about productivity lately and I think we have it all wrong.  You’ve heard the common phrase “Work smarter not harder.”  Do you take the words to heart or is your version of productivity to overload on ‘to do’s’ until they’re all done?  I think we plod on with the mistaken belief that if it all gets done we’ll gain loads of free time, when in actuality,our daily tasks carry over into the next day and invariably get added to.  The ‘to do’ list is never done.
I hate to be the harbinger of doom on this one, but if you don’t put yourself on your own ‘to do’ list, it’s only a matter of time before the positive and productive you turns into a negative, burned out, and unhealthy cog in the work machine.  That doesn’t sound very productive to me.

…so I took Sunday completely off.

When Monday morning came, I woke up refreshed (remember I’d slept in as well as had a nap) and was actually energized to get to it!  I think I may make ‘Slow Sunday’ a regular part of my routine.

I realize that my kind of down time may be impossible if you have children and busy schedules, but it can happen in small steps.  If you need help I really encourage you to check out my new GOT TO IT! 365 Day Journal for Getting to the Good Things. I’m very proud of how it turned out and I’m convinced it can make a difference for you!

It’s every day accountability to help you switch “I’ll get to it” to “GOT TO IT!” Have better work-life balance, finally fit in fitness, increase your energy, and love your life – one day at a time.  This journal shows you how! www.gottoit.ca

Are you READY to GET TO IT?

Are you READY to GET TO IT?