“Carpe Diem.  Seize the day.”

~ John Keats

Do it just because you can.
Then celebrate the fact that you chose action over indecision.  The tough phone call, that project you’ve been delaying, the run you promised yourself you’d get to, the trip you’ve been talking about forever, the next step in your plans – it’s a lot easier to delay but where will that get you?  No matter how busy, tired or stressed you may be, take the time while you have it.  Seize the day before it’s done. Someday is not a day of the week.

Carpe Diem! I was far too young when I learned the significance of that statement.

When he was 57 my dad was killed in an accident at work. I was 17 years old and up until that point in my simple, yet-to-unfold life, I had never imagined being one of those people who would have to live through immeasurable loss.  But there I was – there we were, my family and I facing the facts and rebuilding through grief and loss.  If you’ve ever lost anyone that close to you, you know exactly what I mean.  My dad’s death changed how I looked at life and daily events.   Suddenly I understood the impermanence of life.  Carpe Diem – which was my high school’s motto – took on real meaning as I wrestled with the knowledge that my life could be taken from me at any instant.  It didn’t matter that I was young.  My dad was a very healthy 57 and he should have, and likely would have lived until he was 102.  He was struck down in the prime of his life by a freak accident.  At 17 I became aware of the reality that it could happen to any of us.  It could happen to me.

An event of that magnitude hits you hard out of the gates and stays with you in decreasing intensity every day thereafter.  Dad has been dead for over 20 years now, so the big hurt has passed, but I can tell you even still, that not one day has gone by in all those years where I have not had at least a fleeting thought about him.  He’s always there.  The interesting thing about that kind of ever-presence is that it feeds your thoughts and attitudes.  It becomes part of your philosophy if you will.  Sometimes he visits me in a dream and I see him and hear his voice as if he were standing alive in front of me.  Advice, simple sharing, thoughts he is having – brought to me as I sleep.    On other occasions I might be reminded of something he’d told me about whatever I happen to be doing at the moment, or I have a flashback of a phrase he regularly used.  Sometimes I just replay his voice in my head sharing his dreams, wishes, and gratitudes.  My dad was a man who wasn’t afraid to show his emotions – to tell you what was on his heart.  I remember many Sunday dinners where he’d state quite proudly to us that he was a lucky man to have a happy marriage, 4 healthy kids, a roof over our heads … and he’d always tell us that he loved us.  When you know and love someone that well they stay with you in small, familiar ways like that no matter how much time passes.

My father was a proud man. He was hard working, tall and strong, happy-go-lucky most of the time.  He wanted nothing more than to provide for his family and see to our happiness, which wasn’t always easy with 4 growing kids with increasing needs.  We didn’t always have a lot of money but I never knew that.   We had a summer cabin we frequented, we took camping trips every summer and managed trips to Finland – my parents’ home country – every few years, but we weren’t extravagant.  We didn’t eat out a lot.  My parents never went off on big holidays without us.  We were down home, practical, middle class.  Through all of his hard work my dad was a dreamer.  He looked forward to retirement when he and my mom would be able to travel and relax more.  I remember him saying on more than one occasion “When I retire mom and I will go on a cruise.”  I always thought that would be nice for them and after his passing I felt sad that he never got to live that part of his dreams.  His time ran out before he could seize the day.

What dreams do you have on your Carpe Diem list? What big plans have you been promising yourself for too long?  TODAY Write them down and put them where you can see them daily. Make a promise to yourself to get the ball rolling.  No matter your age, energy level or income, choose to get out of the someday sector and seize the day. Someday is not a day of the week.

Move SOMEDAY to TODAY ... the idea is simple but it’s certainly not easy.  Let’s work on that together.

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