“You can always start late. You can always start over.”

~ Arch Hades

And, you can always keep going. When it comes to big goals, sometimes it takes awhile to gain the courage to start…but you can always start late. Sometimes we give up on the goal because life is busy and the work is hard…but you can always start over. And if the goal is taking longer than you think it should, don’t stress. You can always keep going. If the goal is a worthwhile one, the only goal should be to get it done.

What’s a goal you want to resurrect? It’s never too late. I just delivered round one edits of book two to my publisher, and I’m celebrating because this goal has been a long time coming, so I want to share this message.
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All right, friends, today I am pulling back the curtain on Michelle Cederberg Speaking and Consulting and you can see that my office is a pigsty! For the last couple of weeks I have been rebooting old videos because I have been busy, busy, busy doing rewrites on book number two. Many of you have been hearing me talk about book number two – and I’m not even exaggerating – for well over two years. I was starting and stopping, I was changing subjects, I was procrastinating, I was putting it aside … but the dream lived within me and so I persevered. And then the other day I saw a quote on the internet, another meme that caught my eye that said, “You can always start late. You can always start over.” by Arch Hades. And I’m going to add something to that. You can always keep going.

I talk a lot about goals and I talk about why I don’t think resolutions are great. I don’t love the notion that January 1st should be the start date and that December 31st is the automatic fail or win by date. As I mentioned, I’ve been working on this book for two and a half years, but I just finished the first round of edits with my wonderful editors at Page Two Books in Vancouver, B.C.. And I’m thrilled. And, I’m thrilled because I wanted to give up so many times, so I want you to think about the goals that you have that just won’t go away, the goals that you’ve started and stopped again, the goals that you have set aside. They can be small goals, they can be medium sized goals, they can be gigantic goals like writing a book is to me. We don’t have to finish it within a year. We don’t have to finish in two years.

But, if the dream is important enough to you, I want to implore you to reconnect with that dream. If you’ve lost it, level up on getting some work done on it. If you’ve set it aside, don’t give up. That’s all I’m going to say. My desk is a mess, I’ve been under high stress, but the first and hardest part of this goal is now done. It is way harder to write than it is to edit. And now begins the editing process. This book is set to be released mid September, 2020. Working title is, It’s How We Work. Isn’t it ironic that I’m writing a book about how we work and my productivity is all over the place? But I am a student of all that I teach, and I’m learning a lot!

As you head into this week, share with me the goals that you want to resurrect. Share with me the ideas you have that just won’t go away. And maybe we can push each other along to get those goals into action and towards completion. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have the first round of the manuscript done. It’s a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I got this. Until next time I’m reminding you you’ve got one chance to live this big crazy life. I say, Dare to Live it Big and dare to resurrect some of those old goals.

You can always start late. You can always start over. And I’m adding to that quote, you can always keep going. You got this.

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc

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