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UG! We’re so used to living with stress that it doesn’t occur to us that we don’t have to! Chapter 9 in Energy Now! helps you to stress less for success. In truth, the chapter barely scratches the surface on stress management, but we have to start somewhere.

It is estimated that 50-75% of all people who visit a doctor do so for psychosomatic disorders – illnesses that originate in the mind and manifest in physical ailments. Stress is a leading cause!

Michelle presents regularly on stress management and life balance because it’s such a big part of managing and expanding our day-to-day energy.  In her sessions she shares her viewpoints on the physical impact of stress on the body, how we create needless stress for ourselves, and what we can do to minimize it.  She uses humor to show how your reactions to events can impact your stress levels and provides you with a practical 6 step ‘stress defense’.

For a great stress management resource check out the book Power Over Stress by Dr. Kenford Nedd. It is a practical, thorough and easy read to help you master the stress in your life.

If you want to measure the stress in your life here are a few options. Just be aware that quizzes like these can add to your stress if you’re not in a position to make changes right away. Also be aware of what your current stress management techniques are. You may have a lot of stress in your life but if you have good stress defense tactics in place give yourself a pat on the back and take the quiz results with a grain of salt.

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Michelle Cederberg is the author of three books. Her GOT TO IT accountability journal is a ground-breaking resource that supports people on their path to change. Her second book; If Your Life Sucks It’s Your Fault is a fun and provocative pocket-book on personal responsibility. And of course ENERGY NOW! Small Steps to an Energetic Life is how you found this page.

She is on a mission to help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. With a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, and a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, she inspires busy people to put their own health and well being back on their priority lists with a small steps approach that can make a big difference to your life.

About the Author …tidbit #6:

Michelle wasn’t always the pillar of positivity she is today. 🙂 She’s had her share of ups and downs and has definitely learned some humbling life lessons along the way. Since she chooses to look at things with a sense of humor she decided to write about her awarenesses in this hilarious mini-book called If Your Life Sucks It’s Your Fault *

In the book (which takes all of 45 minutes to read) she shares a funny and provocative viewpoint on personal responsibility intertwined with her own story of un-sucking her life. Talk about stress relief! Get the book at and laugh out loud while you un-suck your life.

SPEAKING: Michelle is an energetic, educational and funny Certified Speaking Professional who travels all over North America spreading her messages of health, happiness, success and ENERGY. If you want to learn how to bring her to your organization contact her by clicking here.