As you navigate from morning to night there are so many factors that will determine whether you have a good day; the people you come in contact with and the exchanges you have, the thoughts and perceptions that you carry toward them, and of course your own personal energy levels and attitude coming in.  Why not arm yourself with tools and awareness to connect those dots and create a better day for yourself and everyone you interact with?

In this entertaining and practical workshop Michelle Cederberg will help you:

  • Recognize and stop the negative messages you tell yourself.
  • Find ways to be more positive and productive throughout your day.
  • Learn tools for communicating effectively with others.
  • Identify ‘common messaging’ mistakes we all make.
  • Gain powerful reminders for reducing negative talk and behaviour in your home and work.
  • Learn why self-care is so important for personal fulfillment and effective communication.

Change your perspective on how you communicate with yourself and others.  This session shows you how!

Download the full session description here:
Think, Talk, and Act your Way to a Better Day

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2016 Session Descriptions Michelle Cederberg