Last week I found out I didn’t make Top 10 on the W Network’s Expert Search. It’s the second year in a row I have submitted a video and the second year in a row I’ve been let down wondering why them? Why not me? I think my submission was pretty darn good. You can decide for yourself by clicking here:

Here’s the thing (and I’m a bit irritated with myself for not doing it this year) I should have told the viewers how I really feel. If you know me or you’ve seen me speak, you know that I am a kind, supportive, professional person most of the time, and when I speak in front of audiences or coach clients I am direct but politically correct. There is really nothing controversial about my style. The thing is, I’ve been feeling like rocking the boat for awhile now, and perhaps haven’t for fear of offending people. But maybe it’s time for me to get real and tell you what I really think?

I wish I hadn’t sugar coated it in my W Network video. Canadians are in the midst of a health crisis. We’re sedentary and as a result more of us are overweight and obese. The lack of activity and extra weight leads to a myriad of diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and even depression. That’s not fun but not too many of you are doing anything about it. I hear a lot of complaining and excuses, but not much action. I really want to help, and I think I can, but not until you own up to one thing … brace yourself because this might hurt … if your life sucks it’s YOUR fault! There. I said it. Own it, and do something about it.

If you’re overweight it’s because you eat too much and you don’t exercise enough.

If you’re tired all the time it’s because you don’t take care of your body through proper sleep, hydration, and nutrition.

If you have no luck with relationships it’s because you haven’t figured out the part you have been playing in all the failures.

If you’ve got no money it’s because you spend more than you make or you’re lousy at saving.

If you’re not experiencing success in your career it’s because you haven’t worked hard enough.

If you’re unhappy if your life sucks … it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Ouch!

If reading this stirs something in you or if you’re feeling frustrated or angry (especially if it’s toward me), tell me. It may be a good thing! I’m not preaching this information from a self-righteous point of perfection. Not by a long shot. If I’m saying it it’s because I’ve lived every one of the scenarios above and the only way out FOR ME was to hold up a great big mirror and ask myself “What is my part in this?” Once I chose to own my part in it, I allowed change to come in. Believe me, it’s hard for me to be so direct – and don’t worry, I intend to remain compassionate and willing to help as ever – but maybe the time has come to speak my truth a little louder at least some of the time? Remember it.

The only person we can change is ourselves.

I have more to say on each of the scenarios above. I’m happy to meet your ‘yeah but …’ defenses and help you flip the switch for change. I want to tell you how I invoked change in each area for myself. Share your thoughts, subscribe to the blog, check in regularly. We’re going places. Maybe not on the W Network (not this year anyways), but that’s not stopping me.

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