“You can’t always control what  goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.”

~ Wayne Dyer

It’s that time of year when the pace of life amps up, and the stress of the holiday season gets us down… but only if we let it. Black Friday shopping (ug), holiday parties, cranky people, travel, more holiday shopping, prep for family gatherings… it’s enough to make you want to skip it all together.

Or, you can embrace what you can manage, you can ask for help, and you can slow down and focus on what you’re grateful for through it all, so you can stress less and enjoy more!

To learn what prompted this message (and hear my simple tips for easing stress), watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here coming to you from a hotel room in Burnaby, BC. I have a presentation tomorrow. I have got two more until the end of the year, and then, I’m taking a bit of a holiday. I’ll tell you more about that next week. I had a bit of a tough travel day today. I got delayed in Calgary because of de-icing for about 45 minutes, and then … I got to Vancouver and my bag wasn’t here, and then … I stood in line at the baggage claim at Air Canada while a woman tore a strip off the poor Air Canada gate agent, which made me angry. I don’t like it when people are rude to the people that help us solve our problems. It’s not his fault that her bag didn’t arrive. We shouldn’t do that, (but I digress). I’m going to get my bags tonight just not as soon as I’d hoped.

I am in the location where I’m going to be presenting so all is good. A few weeks ago I did a video on gratitude adjustments, so I got to remind myself of that today, and it made me think that this is a good time of year to remind all of you to take the calm road through the stress of the holiday season. It’s picking up now and I know you can feel that, Black Friday come and gone, shopping is starting to happen for Christmas, holiday parties. You’ve got to get everything done for whatever holiday you celebrate with your family. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. If you feel that stress and it impacts how you enjoy the holidays, then give yourself a little bit of a reality check.

Decide what is absolutely essential in your to do’s. Ask for help. If you are absolutely going off the rails, stop and give your body some oxygen; stop and breathe. It’s a very simple thing. And, just remember that the reason why we’re doing all of this craziness this time of year is for the holidays and the people that we love. It is a great time of year to check in with your gratitudes, and so, watch the gratitude adjustment, check in with yourself about the people that you love, and about the things in your life that you’re grateful for.

I certainly have a lot of those things in my life, which I’ll be sharing next week, so make sure that you subscribe to this channel and check out other social media channels below. Plus, I’ve got some interesting things happening coming in 2020 (can you believe it’s the freakin’ end of the year?), so subscribe!

I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you, you get one chance to do this life. I say Dare to Live it Big, dare to live it with less stress and more gratitude, especially as we head into the busy holiday season.

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc

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