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Walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can treat your body to. Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, but it’s easy on the joints, doesn’t require any special skill, and it burns almost as many calories as jogging.

A pedometer is the perfect way to enhance your walking. First of all, it’s fun to know how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve walked, and how long you’ve been walking. Secondly, a pedometer helps you track your progress and set realistic goals for yourself – goals that will help you realize success and keep you motivated.

Below you can download my Walking to Health – Pedometer challenge information and tracking form

The information in this handout will help you understand pedometer use a bit better. You’ll learn how to establish your current walking baseline, how to increase your steps in a progressive and healthy manner, and get a few ideas for how to ‘step it up’ throughout your day.

WALKON Free Dose www.worklifeenergy

PEDOMETERS: There are a lot of different pedometers on the market. Some are better than others and if you’re serious about walking your way to health invest in a good one. My favorite pedometer can be purchased on-line at: This website is full of great products and resources to help you on your path to health, including several great pedometers.

My favorite is the Piezo because it’s accurate and easy to use no matter what your body type.  Click the link to learn more and purchase your own pedometer. Walking to health is just one more way for you to get Energy NOW!

VIDEO – Walking and the 5 Dimensions of Wellness

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Michelle Cederberg is on a mission to help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. With a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, and a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, Health and Productivity Expert, she inspires busy people to put their own health and well being back on their priority lists with a small steps approach that can make a big difference to your life.

As a highly accomplished speaker, author, educator, fitness professional, life coach and entrepreneur, she equips people to feel their best so they can do their best in work and in life.

About the Author …tidbit #3:

Some of Michelle’s favorite ways to energize through exercise are:

Mountain biking and road cycling in summer

Snowboarding in winter

Teaching cycling classes and doing some weight training afterwards … oh and sometimes a beer and burger after that!

Running with Ewan and Lilly

Sea kayaking when possible … and gardening!


SPEAKING: Michelle is an energetic, educational and funny Certified Speaking Professional who travels all over North America spreading her messages of health, happiness and success. If you want to learn how to bring her to your organization contact her by clicking here.