“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

~ George Bernard Shaw

Have you found what you’re looking for in your work and life? Every day, as you head out into your day, keep your head up and eyes open for what lights you up.

Every awareness around what’s important to you (and every minute spent in pursuit of it) draws you closer to who you’re meant to be, and what you’re meant to do… at whatever age you find yourself right now.

It’s a never-ending journey for me, and I explored a bit of it via an interview I did with my friends at Mtek Digital. Watch the 1 minute video below to learn a bit about what I do and what drives me. Or, read the transcript that follows.

Services that I offer are first and foremost, professional speaking. I love the keynote stage. I also do breakouts and workshops across North America, and coaching, and some consulting. I think that I have always been a helping person. I have a background in health and fitness. I was also an educator, taught college for many years, all in the fitness and health realm.

I got into fitness and health because I wanted to help people get more energy and vitality in their lives, and I catapulted that experience into professional speaking where I’m helping people get energized for all aspects of their lives, to increase their human capacity, if you will – physically, mentally, emotionally – with confidence in everything that they need to do in order to be successful in work and in life.

To learn more about my new Success-Energy Strategy Sessions and how to bring me into your organization reach out to me and make autumn awesome, personally and professionally with The Success-Energy Equation!

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc

Empowering today’s dreamers, leaders and go-getters to create the life and career they want.


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