When the world went into lock down, in-person presentations were cancelled everywhere, and speakers across the globe wiped off their webcams and took their messages online…with varied results. If you’re someone who hires speakers, it no doubt created a great deal of stress and uncertainty for you, and I get it. There are a lot of moving parts to a great online live, or even pre-recorded presentation, and you need to make sure you hire someone who can get the job done right.

Watch the video below to see how I’m making a difference with memorable virtual presentations and a robust home-studio set up (or read the transcript that follows), and reach out to me to chat possibilities.

Hey everyone, I can’t wait to see you all again. Like for real, actually in the same place. Having fun in a crowded room together. I know that may still feel scary, but oh those were good times!

Michelle Cederberg here – Certified Speaking Professional and Health & Productivity Expert. For the last 15 years I’ve been sharing my message with audiences around the world. And it’s a message the world needs now more than ever. COVID-19 has changed so many things, but what hasn’t changed is our need to connect, to learn, to become more resilient.

And who’d have thought that our office would STILL be an ergonomic nightmare carved precariously out of our living room/kitchen/spare bedroom, with constant interruptions from the kids/the dog/all those Amazon deliveries… and that pants would become so optional in our professional lives?

So that I can help you navigate the challenge of these crazy times I’ve had to step up my game.

I’m now a Certified Virtual Presenter who can broadcast to you live from the comfort of my home studio. We’ve got the lights, the cameras, the mics, the teleprompter, the ATEM switcher, the hardwired Ethernet cable, HDMI this, and USB that, and a bunch more of the alphabet that my photographer/videographer husband helped me put together so that you can have the best, next-best-thing-to-live-performance possible! It hasn’t been easy and there have been PLENTY of learnings along the way.

But it’s all been worth it. I still may not be able to see you so much, but I know you’ll be able to see me.

I recently published my newest book, The Success Energy Equation: How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life + Really Get Sh!t Done…can I say that? Of course I can, this is my house!

The presentations and workshops I provide that are based on the book’s research will help you and your team work better, with more clarity, focus and energy – whether you’re working from home, in physically-distanced workspaces or if it’s business as usual providing essential services. I also offer idea-packed presentations to help you manage stress, strengthen mental health, reinvent work-life balance in this new world of work and boost pandemic productivity…

…and I do it all without leaving home, so I won’t even charge you for travel. Oh, the glamour of travel! I just can’t wait to join you lining up at security, snuggling up to strangers in a middle seat and queuing at iffy breakfast buffets… but until then, and even after, with the right speaker in the right studio the world of online live presentations can provide engaging, fun and effective learning… and even inspiration! Let me be that speaker.

You have the option to hire me for live or pre-recorded keynotes, short one-topic videos to share with your team (wherever they are in the world), half-day workshops and more.

I’m Michelle Cederberg and I can’t wait to create a virtual session that will inspire you and your team to higher levels of health, focus and success.

Connect with me via https://www.michellecederberg.com to chat about possibilities for your team.

To purchase your copy of The Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life, and Really Get Sh!t Done visit Amazon, or for a signed copy go to successenergybook.com. OR, contact me about bulk order discounts for your whole team!

Turns out it’s an accidental pandemic survival guide that will help you focus on what’s truly important for you in work and life …global health crises or not.


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