“As the seasons change so do we. May we be aware we are shifting just like the wind.”
~ Unknown

Do you think about that shift from summer to autumn, from holiday energy to work focus?

To me, whether you’re a student or not, and even if you worked all summer, back-to-school time signals a transition. It feels like a time of renewal, and a great opportunity to check in with yourself about what you want personally and professionally.

As we head toward our final long weekend, and lazy-hazy summer days give way to falling leaves and cool evenings, ponder what’s next for you in work and life.

Then watch the video below, (or read the transcript that follows) to hear why back-to-school isn’t just for kids.

Hey Michelle Cederberg coming to you from a hotel room somewhere in Northern Alberta. Back to work a little bit sooner than I normally am (and I am okay with that).

It is that time of year where we’re getting into that back-to-school vibe. And if you’ve got kids then you no doubt put all your energy into getting them ready for what’s next; school supplies, new school clothes, all of that stuff. How much do you think about how you make the shift from summer and fun to work?

Now yes, you may have been working all summer long, but there’s a different energy that comes with being on summer holidays and all of that stuff. And even if you had been working full time with no breaks, that shift from August and lazy hazy days of summer to let’s get back to work, can have a really great opportunity for you to check in and decide, hey, what’s next.

I just got back from a weekend mastermind retreat with 15 other professional speakers and it was a great chance to reflect on the work that I’ve been doing this summer and the work that I want to do in the coming months. And so I’m challenging you to create your own what’s next opportunity in the next week or so before we head to the September long weekend and back to school. What’s something that you want for yourself in your career that you might not be focusing enough on? What’s something that you want for yourself?

I will say that I’m working hard to finish the book and to really strengthen my success energy keynote. There’s some great stuff happening there. And personally because I’ve been on the road so much and I’ve been busy with other things, my exercise, especially in the weight room, has taken a back seat. So a little bit more focused on healthy eating and exercise personally.

Share in the comments what you plan for yourself in your own adult back-to-school ventures. Share this post with somebody who spends too much time focusing on their kids or other people rather than what they need for themselves at this time of year. Follow me on social (links below) for more ideas and tips that are coming your way this fall. Good things happening.

You get one chance at this life. I say, dare to live it big and dare to live it with a little bit of focus on yourself during this fall transition.

Michelle Cederberg, CSP, MKin, BA Psyc

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