“Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense.”

~ Thomas Huxley

As the old saying goes, common sense isn’t so common. But, if we would trust it more, we’d experience higher levels of success. That’s where science comes in. When in doubt, check the scientific research to confirm that you’re on the right track. Throughout my new book The Success-Energy Equation, I’ve done just that. I share my common sense success strategies, and the science behind why they work…in a fun and easy-to-read format.

The book has been a long-time-labour-of-love, and it’s available now for pre-order. If you do so before October 26th you’ll get a bunch of great pre-release bonuses that I share at www.successenergybook.com where you can also grab your copy!

Watch the video below, or read the transcript that follows to learn more about why common sense is stronger with science.


I think you’d agree that deep down we all possess good sense about what will help us be healthy, happy, and successful. We understand right from wrong, healthy from unhealthy, productive versus wasteful, useful versus useless, yet knowing better doesn’t mean we always do better.

Hey, Michelle Cederberg here, holding a REAL LIFE copy of my new book The Success-Energy Equation and talking about one of the central themes in it … Why common sense is stronger with science.

Common sense—having good sense and sound judgment in practical matters—as the old saying goes, isn’t very common. And, that’s too bad, because if we tapped into it more often, it could help drive our success.

It’s because common sense isn’t always common practice that we need reminders for why we should do the work, or set aside distractions, or make better choices. Enter science.

Common sense strengthens when our sound judgement is supported by painstaking scientific study of why it matters, and that it works. And HOLY COW do we need more of both these days!

In my new book I share the science behind the success strategies for exactly this reason, and I do it in a fun and accessible way – what’s happening in your brain when you write down your goals, why naps are good, how to schedule strategically, your brain on negativity… and so much more.

I’m hoping that when you read the science behind the success strategies, it will teach you something new, or reinforce what you already know to be true, and perhaps remind you why it matters. It should also provide a bit of insurance: that if you choose to invest in the book, and invest the time and energy to do the work, you’ll get the results. This is how you can use science and common sense to do everything better.

The book is available right now for pre-order at successenergybook.com, and if you order before October 26th you’ll get a bunch of great pre-release bonuses…including the book Introduction and Chapter 1! Until next time, I’m Michelle Cederberg reminding you we only get one chance to do this life, I say Dare to Live it Big, and dare to trust your own common sense…backed by science…and my new book.


As I mentioned, pre-orders for the book run from October 15th to 26th, so order your copy now.

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