“Move your body. When you feel good about yourself and your health, it changes how you approach most things, including stress.”

~ Michelle Cederberg

Are you moving less during self-isolation? My guess is yes, simply because you’re not getting out or going to work. That means less walking, less often with less intensity. Do you feel it?


It makes sense then that during self-isolation, daily movement should be part of your self-care plan. If you’re already moving, keep at it and do something every day. If you’re inactive, now is  good time to prioritize a small-steps approach to moving more.


The video below shares my thoughts on why movement matters more during self-isolation, plus a few ideas to get you going.


Share in the comments how you like to move… then watch the video, or read the transcript that follows.


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Hey, Michelle Cederberg here, out for a bike ride … or what I’m calling a restlessness rescue from the doldrums of self-isolation. I figured out pretty quick once self-isolation started that I was sitting a lot more and moving a lot less. And I’m a pretty active person. I don’t know if you can relate to that, but if you’re somebody that normally works in an office environment, even if you don’t exercise regularly, I guarantee you are down thousands of steps a day simply because you’re no longer leaving your home.

Normally if you go to work, you’d be getting up, going to your car, walking to your office from your car, walking through your office to chat with people, walking to go get coffee or lunch, walking to run errands, walking back to your car, doing things after work, all that require walking. And all of a sudden you’re in your home all the time where I guarantee every effort is shorter, less intense, and less frequent. So, early on I implemented an every day exercise plan to do some sort of movement every single day. And I challenge you to do the same. If you’re currently active, you’re probably already doing that. But, even if you’re moving every day, I don’t want you to put pressure on yourself to go big or go home every single day.

Today I’m on a bike ride because I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine. And I’m doing an hour long loop that has two great big hills in it, so it’ll give me a good workout. Yesterday, I did a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood. Tomorrow I’ll probably do some yoga, or rowing or weights in my basement. And then the day after that I might do another bike ride or a run. So sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s long. Sometimes it’s intense, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I am walking up and down the stairs several times throughout the house. Sometimes I run those stairs, but I’m moving every single day.

It’s a sanity saver. It’s a restlessness rescue. It’s something that’s going to help you get or stay healthy during self isolation. And if you have been talking about getting more healthy, and you’ve never had the time, now you’ve got the time. Take advantage of it. Try online workouts, dance or do jumping jacks in your kitchen, walk around the block. It’s not about what you do, it’s that you do. Just implement a daily movement plan.

Share in the comments below the things that you’re doing every single day to stay active. And I want to remind you, physical distancing is important, especially when you’re outdoors around people that you don’t know. Stay 6 feet or 2 meters apart. As Canadians you’ll understand it’s about a good hockey stick distance apart from whoever you don’t know. You can smile and wave as you go by. Not need to be grumpy while we’re physically distancing, but keep your distance. We can do this, people,

Subscribe to my social channels, and share this message with somebody who needs a little kick in the butt for movement. And I know we can get through this. I’m Michelle Cederberg, reminding you we’ve got one chance to do this life. I say Dare to Live it Big and dare to do it with daily movement during COVID self-isolation.

P.S. It occurred to me just as I was finishing my ride that one group of people that this message doesn’t necessarily apply to is our essential workers everywhere across this country who are kicking butt to keep us healthy and safe. Doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, food service providers in hospitals and care homes, pharmacists, grocery staff, delivery people, first responders. You all know who you are. We love you. We’re grateful for you. Stay safe. THANK YOU!

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